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Legislative Priorities

Our competitors are numerous and well-funded. NAB's advocacy team, with the support of NABPAC, will continue to fight on these issues and more. Your support of NABPAC ensures broadcasters' needs and priorities are heard.

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  • Preserving Local Journalism

    Preserving Local Journalism in the Age of Big Tech

    The overwhelming power of Big Tech companies is threatening Americans' access to quality local journalism. Broadcasters urge members of Congress to support the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act, which gives news producers the ability to fairly negotiate for their local journalism.

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  • Performance Tax

    A Performance Tax Threatens Local Jobs

    Congress should not mandate a performance tax on free, local radio stations that would jeopardize local jobs, prevent new artists from breaking into the recording business and harm the hundreds of millions of Americans who rely on local radio. Broadcasters urge legislators to support the Local Radio Freedom Act, which opposes a performance tax.

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  • Diversity in Broadcasting

    Encouraging Diversity in Broadcasting: Reinstate the Tax Certificate Program

    NAB supports initiatives that will improve diversity in broadcasting and create new opportunities for women, people of color and other underrepresented communities. To that end, NAB is advocating for legislation to reinstate the diversity tax certificate to ensure station owners are as diverse as the communities they serve.

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  • Advertising Tax Treatment

    Prevent Harmful Changes to Advertising Tax Treatment

    Broadcasters oppose any legislation that modifies the tax laws to make advertising more expensive, as it would have a devastating impact on radio and television stations. Decreased advertising revenues impede stations' ability to provide high-quality news, emergency information, sports and entertainment on which the public relies.

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