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Legislative Priorities

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  • Ensuring that broadcast ownership rules reflect the competitive marketplace

    Ensuring that broadcast ownership rules reflect the competitive marketplace

    The internet has transformed the media marketplace, yet TV and radio broadcasters are still subject to outdated rules restricting the number and type of outlets they may own. Policymakers should support the continued modernization of these rules to account for the rise, and increasing influence, of digital media.

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  • Advancing the next generation of broadcast television

    Advancing the next generation of broadcast television

    The next generation of broadcast television technology will deliver life-saving advanced emergency alerting, stunning pictures, immersive, customizable audio and improved reception - all for free - to enhance and expand your broadcast viewing experience. Because the new technology combines the best of broadcast television and broadband, Next Gen TV allows local stations to better personalize their broadcasts with information and interactive features to give viewers the content that is most relevant to them.

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  • Urging the FCC to refresh its record on the vMVPD issue

    Urging the FCC to refresh its record on the vMVPD issue

    A nearly decade-old proceeding at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) could impact local television broadcasters' ability to invest and serve audiences with uniquely local and trusted information; however, it doesn't include up-to-date marketplace information regarding the rise, and increasing influence, of digital distribution platforms.

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  • Promoting diversity in broadcasting through the tax certificate program

    Promoting diversity in broadcasting through the tax certificate program

    In 1978, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) established the Minority Tax Certificate Program, which provided a tax incentive to those who sold their majority interest in a broadcast station to minorities. From 1978 to 1995, the program was highly effective in leveling the playing field for underrepresented broadcasters, increasing diverse ownership in broadcast stations by more than 550 percent. Unfortunately, Congress repealed this program in 1995. Broadcasters opposed this repeal because of the program's dramatic and positive impact on increasing ownership of broadcast stations for people of color. Congress should pass legislation to ensure diverse representation in broadcast station ownership.

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  • Promoting the free flow of information

    Promoting the free flow of information

    Virtually all states provide protections, either by statute or by judicial decision, so that journalists are not routinely forced to reveal the identity of confidential sources. In federal courts, however, there is no uniform set of standards to govern when information about confidential sources can be sought from reporters. Broadcast journalists' ability to bring important matters to the American public has been put in jeopardy as numerous reporters have been questioned about their confidential sources or had their records subpoenaed in cases before federal courts.

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  • Keeping AM Radio in Cars to Ensure Public Safety

    Keeping AM Radio in Cars to Ensure Public Safety

    America's public safety infrastructure is at risk if automakers remove AM radio from vehicles. Policymakers should enact the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act (S. 1669; H.R. 3413) to keep this vital service as part of their vehicles to ensure Americans can be alerted to impending danger.

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  • Defending Local Journalism

    Defending Local Journalism

    Local broadcast journalists and newspaper reporters provide a lifeline for our communities. From investigative reports to breaking news and weather coverage, they invest significant resources to keep Americans informed about critical events. There has never been a more critical time for trusted local journalism - but the very survival of newsrooms is being threatened. Providing and paying for high-quality local news coverage has become increasingly difficult, particularly when dwindling advertising dollars are being diverted to massive, multi-national technology platforms. Congress should support laws and policies that uphold local broadcasters' unique and essential role in democracy and a free press, ensure their ability to compete in the current media marketplace, and continue to produce high-quality local content.

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  • Performance Tax

    A Performance Tax Threatens Local Jobs

    Congress should not mandate a performance tax on free, local radio stations that would jeopardize local jobs, prevent new artists from breaking into the recording business and harm the hundreds of millions of Americans who rely on local radio. Broadcasters urge legislators to support the Local Radio Freedom Act, which opposes a performance tax.

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  • Diversity in Broadcasting

    Encouraging Diversity in Broadcasting: Reinstate the Tax Certificate Program

    NAB supports initiatives that will improve diversity in broadcasting and create new opportunities for women, people of color and other underrepresented communities. To that end, NAB is advocating for legislation to reinstate the diversity tax certificate to ensure station owners are as diverse as the communities they serve.

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  • Advertising Tax Treatment

    Prevent Harmful Changes to Advertising Tax Treatment

    Broadcasters oppose any legislation that modifies the tax laws to make advertising more expensive, as it would have a devastating impact on radio and television stations. Decreased advertising revenues impede stations' ability to provide high-quality news, emergency information, sports and entertainment on which the public relies.

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