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Our Impact

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, broadcasters' engagement is more important than ever. Congressional races across the country can make a difference in shaping the future of our industry.

2018 Highlights and Future Initiatives

Numbers Breakdown

Best Year Yet
$1.368 million raised and 912 donors - the highest totals ever in a calendar year.

2018 Midterms
NABPAC spent $2,560,122 to support 297 candidates up for election.

Local Events
Local broadcasters supported 13 in-state events hosted for members of Congress.

Educating Congress
NAB's advocacy team is continually educating and meeting with members of Congress on important broadcasting issues like retransmission consent, performance fees and the spectrum repack.

Engage Broadcasters
Engage hundreds of new broadcasters in NABPAC advocacy.

Senate/House Contributions